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Pest Control Services in Wasaga Beach

Unwanted wild animals can appear in your home at any time. There have been many situations that have given us the knowledge and experience on how to do a pest removal in your home. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., our animal removals are humane, and we will help you keep unwanted pests out of your home without causing harm to the animal. Once they have been removed from your home, we will not only make sure that your home is preventable of any intrusion, but we also will provide a new nest or den for the animal that they will be relocated to.

Raccoon Removals in Wasaga Beach

Raccoons are one of the most common animals that could be troublemakers around your home or business. We know that a raccoon may be dangerous if not handled correctly. We can help using our raccoon removal services to humanely remove it from your home. This will also help remove any disease that the raccoon may have that could cause health risks for children and the elderly.

When dealing with a wild animal or pest, make sure that you call a professional pest control provider like Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. We make sure that we avoid direct contact with any animal at any point so that we can perform our humane raccoon removal services.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels can definitely be a nuisance around your home as it is storing food within your home or creating a nest in your attic. Our human squirrel removal services can easily solve any type of squirrel problem you may have as each solution is similar. Our professional technicians can pinpoint the entry points that the squirrel may have entered in and record the current damage caused by it.

Skunk Control in Wasaga Beach

Skunks could be hiding anywhere around your house including your shed, deck, or foundation. If they are hiding somewhere that could cause harm to your home, call our professional technicians. We can identify where the skunk may be hiding, and then perform a humane skunk removal that needs to have no contact, and as precise as possible; especially when dealing with a skunk.

Bird Removal Services

There are many types of birds that can potentially be hiding in your home to build a nest. Many often create their nest around the spring and early summer. We can make sure that their nest is humanely removed from your home, while also providing a safer place for it as birds often use a nest site more than once.

Bat Removal in Wasaga Beach

At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we have a great and effective solution to removing bats from your home or cottage without causing harm to the bat. A humane bat removal is the only way to legally remove any bat colony from your home. It is a detailed process that is precise when it comes to timing. Bats often have babies midway through the summer when insects are the most often found.