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Skunk Removal Services

The removal of skunks can be time consuming and frustrating as these little tenacious creatures are relentless and keep coming back again and again.

Do you have skunks living under an addition, foundation, deck, shed or patio ? If yes, then you can benefit from our skunk removal services to help solve your problems. Our experienced skunk experts can quickly identify problem areas and point out future problem areas.

Our technicians prefer not to come into contact with a problem animal and skunks would certainly make that list. For this reason we would treat the eviction and skunk removal much the same as any other animal we evict humanely.

Proven Wildlife technicians would trench around the area these burrowing skunks have entered and install a one-way door system at entry point. We would dig down up to 18 inches and come out about the same distance in a reverse "L" shape and fasten to deck/shed/patio/foundation.

We would back-fill entire area except where the door has been installed and then wait for a few days until all skunks have removed themselves and relocated.

At this time our technicians would remove the door, screen off permanently and back-fill the remaining area once and for all. We are so confident in our work that we offer a full five-year skunk removal guarantee on future entries.

Some home and property owners use moth balls and cayenne pepper to remove or repel skunks. This is all nonsense and if it has worked for you it can only be attributed to luck. The permanent solution is to call the skunk removal professionals and book a local inspection to quickly identify entry as well as future problem areas.

  • We stand behind our skunk removal services work.
  • We offer full job guarantees.
  • We go the extra mile to make certain the job is done right the first time.
  • Our skunk removal technicians can quickly solve all of your skunk problems.
  • We provide full services from eviction to remediation.
  • Skunks are animals that can carry disease and parasites which can be dangerous to humans. Please call us now to handle your skunk removal issues.
  • We provide safe humane skunk removal services so you don't have to come in contact with a skunk.


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