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Mice & Rat Removal Service

Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can help you with your mice control or rat issues when baiting alone won't typically solve the problem. The damage mice and rats can do can be catastrophic and repair bills can be expensive. Mice and rat removal is important as they are rodents and have to chew. They must chew in order to keep the length of their teeth in check, thus chewing on wires, wood and plumbing materials, which have the potential for disaster. Mice also carry diseases, plus their fecal matter is a danger to humans.

The first method of a rat removal that is commonly used by pest control companies, is a "bait and maintain" type of service. This method of reducing populations is effective but short term. Mice and Rats only require a very small entry point and left unsecured will allow future entries and a reoccurring problem.

The second method is a more permanent solution and is very detailed. Sealing up entry points around the home or cottage, and installing a few one-way doors allow them to leave; thus locking them out for good forcing them to relocate to another location away from your home. This is what Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. will offer as a solution.

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Mice & Rats

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Mice & Rats


Mice & Rats


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