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Pest Control Services in Huntsville

Wild animals can be very dangerous around your home. They may dig their way in to build a new home. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we know a large range of information about the habits, habitats and breeding seasons of each animal, and we want to protect you and your home as best as we can. Our humane pest control services will move the animal out of the area and remove any entering points so that it will not intrude again. We will make sure that the animal is out of your property safely and we can send them to a new den or nest where they can live.

Raccoon Removal in Huntsville

Raccoons are common pests that can cause a large amount of trouble around your home or business. They may have diseases such as rabies that could have major health risks if you come in contact with it. If you try to handle a raccoon removal incorrectly, it could lead to disastrous results.

When you are dealing with a raccoon at any moment in time, call our professional technician team to humanely remove the raccoon from your home or backyard. We know that it is unwise to get in direct contact with a wild raccoon and we have the knowledge to perform the raccoon removal properly.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels often hide in roofs of your home and various office buildings to build a nest by chewing into roof vents and soffits just to make it inside. No matter the type of squirrel you are dealing with, our professional team at Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can easily and humanely remove the squirrel out of your home. We can identify the entry point that the squirrel may have entered from and prevent any more damage that may cause. Our squirrel removal services can solve any problem relating to squirrels.

Skunk Control in Huntsville

Are there any skunks hiding under your patio, or inside your storage shed? If you have answered yes, then it is probably time to call the skunk removal experts at Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. We know to not get into direct contact with the skunk in the event that it is frightened or agitated. We can definitely help humanely remove the skunk as safely as possible.

Bird Removal Services

A common removal process that is usually called for is a bird removal service. During the spring and summer, many birds could be hiding in fan vents and soffits to create a cozy nest and could return to that spot every year. We can provide you with a humane bird removal service that can not only remove the nest out of your roof, but also the bird and transport it to a safer spot.

Bat Removal in Huntsville

Bats do not hide with just one bat, they may hide as a colony. They often hide in homes, or cottages to keep away from the sun and build a den. The summer is when they often have their offspring around the time when bugs can become easier to find. We know that a bat eviction has to be accurately planned. Our humane bat removal services are the only legal way to remove bats from your home and bring them to a better habitat. 

Mouse Removal in Huntsville

If you're struggling with a mouse infestation in your Huntsville home, look no further than Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. for assistance. Our team of highly skilled technicians specializes in the compassionate and safe removal of mice, ensuring that these pests are evicted from your property without harm. We understand the importance of preventing future intrusions, which is why we diligently seal entry points and implement effective prevention measures. Rest assured that our expertise in mouse removal will bring back peace and cleanliness to your Huntsville residence.