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Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrel problems are very common, as they like to chew into roof vents, dormers and rooflines to gain access to cozy safe nesting areas such as your attic. Whether you have a red, black, gray or flying squirrel issue, the solutions are similar. A Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. technician will identify entry point(s) and assess the current damage(s) as squirrels can create major issues in attics, including wiring, joists and insulation to name a few. During Spring, baby season for squirrels, the adults can get very territorial and be quite aggressive towards people when approached. Squirrels will often try to regain entry over and over again once evicted, therefore quick patches and "band aid" quick solutions often fail as a result. Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. will solve your problem with squirrel removal services.

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