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Pest Control Services in Bracebridge

We are experts in pest removal and the control of wild animals that have invaded your home or yard. Through our vast experience, we have gained extensive knowledge about the habits and breeding cycles of specific animals. Our skilled team knows how to remove, control, and prevent further intrusion from a variety of animals. We prioritize humane practices to ensure no harm or stress is inflicted on the animals. Once removed from your premises, we can relocate them to a more suitable habitat.

Raccoon Removal in Bracebridge

If you're dealing with raccoons in your home and need a safe removal solution, reach out to the professional raccoon removals team at Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. Our priority is to protect your home from diseases and parasites that raccoons may carry, posing potential health risks to anyone who comes into contact with them. Raccoon removal can be dangerous if not done properly, which is why it's crucial to hire a professional pest control business like ours. With our expertise in raccoon removal, we can handle the task safely and efficiently, avoiding direct contact with the raccoon.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels often cause trouble around homes by chewing their way into attics and using them as nests. Regardless of the squirrel species, our team at Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. has the solution. Our technicians will investigate your home to determine the entry points and assess any damage caused by squirrels. With our safe squirrel removal service, we can ensure the safety of your family by preventing pests from entering your home.

Skunk Control in Bracebridge

Is there a skunk hiding under your deck, patio, or within the foundation of your house? Our humane skunk removal services can help resolve this issue. We employ effective pest removal procedures to identify potential hiding spots and develop appropriate methods to safely remove the skunk from your home without any direct contact. Every skunk removal we perform follows our commitment to humane practices.

Bird Removal Services

Sometimes birds seek shelter in various areas of your roof or insulation to build nests for their young. When we humanely remove the nest, we ensure it is placed in a suitable spot, allowing it to be reused even if it's not in the same location. If you find a bird near dormers, soffits, or exhaust fan vents from bathrooms and the kitchen, contact us for our bird removal services.

Bat Removal in Bracebridge

Bats can unexpectedly appear in large colonies during the night, making bat removal a challenging task that requires careful planning. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we prioritize the safety of your home, cottage, or business. Our meticulous bat removal procedures guarantee the protection and well-being of your premises from any bat-related issues.

Mouse Removal in Bracebridge

Mice can unexpectedly appear in large numbers, posing a challenge when it comes to their removal. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., we prioritize the safety of your home, cottage, or business. Our meticulous mouse removal procedures ensure the protection and well-being of your premises from any mouse-related issues. We understand the importance of careful planning in tackling a mouse infestation and take every precaution to handle the situation effectively and efficiently.