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Opossum Removal Service

The opossum is the largest marsupial in the western hemisphere and can be found living in abandoned den sites, under decks, sheds or patios that have been dug out by other animals. Opossums will put very minimal effort into building a den site. Opossums will stay as long as the food supply continues in that area. If you have an opossum living in or under your property, please call a professional such as Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. to have it/them removed with our opossum removal services. Opossums can have very large litters and can actually feed up to 13 babies.

Being marsupials, these young need to find their way to the pouch at just 12 to 14 days old, where they will be weaned for 70-125 days. Mortality rate is high and life span for an animal this size is relatively short: 2-4 years. Opossums are omnivores which means anything from their favourite fruit: apples, to avocados and clementines to snakes and carrion is all acceptable.

Their broad diet allows them to take advantage of many sources of food provided by human habitation such as unsecured food waste (garbage) and pet food. Their immune system is such that rattle snake and other pit viper venom has little to no effect on opossums. Opossums are known to carry fleas which can jump onto household pets such as cats if an an opossum dies nearby. Opossums can bite pets however the larger threat is in the diseases they may carry. Opossums can carry rabies but not so common as in skunks and bats.

Call Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. today to book an appointment for our opossum removal services. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help with any opossum problem you may have.

You do not want opossums around your pets or children, as undue harm could result from direct contact.


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