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Pest Control Services in Barrie

We are professionals of pest removal and the control of wild animals that have entered your home or yard. There have been many situations that gave us a large amount of knowledge when it comes to the habits and breeding cycles of specific animals. We know how to remove, control and prevent any further intrusion of many different animals and each animal will be removed as humanely as possible so that there is no injury or stress. Once they have been removed from your home, we can move these animals to a new home or nest.

Raccoon Removal in Barrie

Have raccoons and need to humanely remove them from your home? Call the professional raccoon removal team of Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. We want to make sure that your home is safe from any diseases and parasites that could cause major health risks to anyone the raccoon comes in contact with. We know that if performed incorrectly, a raccoon removal can be a dangerous task.

Make sure that you call a professional pest control business such as Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. With our prior knowledge in raccoon removals, we can avoid direct contact with the raccoon and can humanely remove it from your home.

Squirrel Removal Service

A common animal that likes to cause trouble around your home is a squirrel. They like to chew their way into places like the attic and use it as a nest. No matter the type of squirrel, there is always the same solution. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., one of our technicians can investigate the home to find where the squirrel entered from and keep an eye on damages caused by it. We can guarantee that our safe squirrel removal service can keep your family safe from any pests entering your home.

Skunk Control in Barrie

A skunk could be hiding within the foundation of your house, or your deck and patio. If it is hiding in one of these areas, we can help you solve your problem with our humane skunk removal services. Our pest removal procedures will help identify areas that a skunk could hide in, and find a correct method of taking the animal out of the home without getting in contact with the skunk. Every skunk removal we provide is treated the same way as any animal we humanely remove.

Bird Removal Services

Sometimes a bird can hide in different areas of your roof or insulation to create a nest for its young. We can make sure that when we humanely remove the nest, that we provide a good spot to place the nest so that it can still be reused even if it's not in the same spot. Call for our bird removal services if a bird is near the dormers, soffits, and exhaust fan vents from bathrooms and the kitchen.

Bat Removal in Barrie

A bat colony can appear at any time during the night. At a time where you may least expect it. A bat removal can be a very daunting task as it has to be planned on how to humanely remove a large colony of bats as it is a crucial part. We take proper care of our bat removal procedures and can keep your home, cottage or business safe from any bats.