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Raccoon Removal Service

Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can humanely remove raccoons from your home or business. Raccoons are wild animals that can carry diseases such as (rabies) and parasites (roundworm) potentially causing health risks, especially to the young and the elderly. Raccoon removal can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Raccoons can be very aggressive. Those that are sick with distemper can appear tame and lethargic; however, they can be aggressive and defensive while acting somewhat docile.

Always call a professional when dealing with a wild animal. At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., part of our humane technique allows our technicians to avoid direct contact with wild animals whenever possible and we have the skills to solve your raccoon removal problem.

Call Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. today to get the best, humane raccoon removal services that can keep you and the raccoon safe.

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