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Bats Removal Service

Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. has a humane and effective solution for the removal of bats from your home, cottage or business. Humane bat removal of your bat colony is a legal way to safely solve the issue. Bat(s) removal is very detail oriented and the costs associated with this process can vary significantly. Timeline for the bat eviction process is critical. Baby season for bats is generally mid summer while insects are at their most abundant.

Homeowners experiencing bat issues; who ignore the signs, can expect bat colonies to expand by 50% annually. Calling professionals to resolve the bat issues you are experiencing is very important. Bats are carriers of diseases such as rabies and bat bugs. Further, their feces can carry other health risks including histoplasmosis which can cause significant respiratory issues. Bats are a protected species, due to the decline in their populations in recent years. WNS or White Nose Syndrome can decimate colonies during hibernation periods, literally suffocating them while they sleep. Fines for killing bats can reach up to $10,000.00 per offence. If you or a family member has been in contact with bats, please contact your local health department to inform them of your encounter.

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