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Pest Control Services in Gravenhurst

At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., our technicians are professionals in the field of pest removals and eviction of wild animals. We have many years of experience and prior knowledge to understand the habits of these animals. Our humane pest control services include removing, and preventing the animal from intruding into your home while making sure that the animal is not injured or in a panic. We then relocate the wild animal to a new den or nest that they could live in.

Raccoon Removal in Gravenhurst

Raccoons are always meddlesome animals that could run through your garbage, or cause damage to your home. Raccoons need to be removed safely as they may carry diseases such as rabies and roundworms that can cause health risks to all including the young and elderly.

When dealing with a wild animal such as a raccoon, always call a professional wildlife technician to remove the raccoon from the premises. Our humane raccoon removal techniques will always avoid direct contact with the animal as much as possible, and using our skill can help keep your raccoon away from your home.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels may be fun for giving food to, but they may be storing them in the roof vents of your home. No matter the type of squirrel, Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. will always have a strategy to humanely remove the squirrel from your home. We will investigate the entry points that the squirrel entered from and calculate the current damages that the squirrel may have caused including insulation, and wiring. Our expert technicians can provide a great solution with our squirrel removal services.

Skunk Control in Gravenhurst

Is a skunk potentially hiding in your backyard? If so, then it may be time to call a skunk removal professional team such as Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. Our skunk removal experts can find areas of the home that could be potential hiding spots for skunks and try to remove the animal as humanly as possible without any contact with the skunk itself. We treat the eviction of the skunk the same as any other animal that we are contacted for.

Bird Removal Services

During the spring and mid summer, birds plan on creating a nest in a random area. More often than not they hide in soffits, attics, dormers, and fan vents. You can count on us with our humane bird removal services to make sure that these birds have a proper nest they can reuse while not causing damage to your home.

Bat Removal in Gravenhurst

At Proven Wildlife Removal Inc., our pest removal technicians have found a humane way of removing bats from your home, cottage or business. Our bat removal services are a legal way of evicting a bat colony from any hiding spot in your home. This process needs to be as correct as possible as the timeline of this process is a critical part. The reasoning is that midway through summer is when bats have their babies during the time when insects are found more common and in abundant amounts.