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Pest Control Services in Burlington

Every year, there are animals of many different species that tend to create nests within your home in Burlington. Whether it is in your walls, your eavesdrops or in the attic, they may cause damage across your home. Our company strives to supply animal removal services that are humane to the animal and provides them with a proper nest that they can rest within their own natural habitat. We provide a stress free and harmless approach to pest control that keeps animals out of harm's way.

Raccoon Removals in Burlington

A raccoon can be a very crafty creature. As nocturnal animals, they can easily find their way around the nightly hours scavenging for food and shelter around your very home. This could lead to lots of property damage and harm to the raccoon if it is not careful around electrical wires or sharp glass insulation. Thankfully, Proven Wildlife Removal can provide an easy raccoon removal service that provides a new nesting area for the raccoon without causing harm to the animal. It is a win-win situation for you and the raccoon.

Squirrel Removal Services

A common creature that roams around homes is the squirrel. Always storing their food for the winter, but unsure of where they put it most of the time. The most common places that they nest in the winter are in the attic or inside your roof, which can be a nuisance to you when they are crawling through the walls. Proven Wildlife Removal can easily perform a squirrel removal service that is safe for the animal by providing a new nest for the squirrel to rest in away from your home, and reassuring for you as we assess the property damage caused by the squirrel, and make sure that no squirrel can re-enter your home.

Rat Control and Mice Removal Services in Burlington

Rats and mice are very sneaky animals. Hiding within your walls and could potentially wreak havoc inside your home without you knowing. Our rat control services and mice removal services give you peace of mind as we humanely remove the rats and mice from your home and move them into a new location that is beneficial for the rats and mice to create a new home.