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Pest Control Services in Collingwood

We are professionals in the field of pest removal and the relocation of unwanted wild animals found around your home. Over the years, we have gathered a great pool of knowledge about the common animals that could cause trouble. Our humane pest control services will help remove, and prevent the wild animal from entering the home again including providing them with an alternate nest or den they can live in. We guarantee that our pest removal services are humane and will not cause injury or harm to the animal.

Raccoon Removal in Collingwood

The raccoon is one of the most common wild animals that would cause trouble in your neighborhood. They often carry diseases such as rabies that could cause risks to your mental health. If not handled correctly, a raccoon removal procedure could be dangerous.

Make sure you call a professional whenever you have a dangerous encounter with a wild animal. We make sure that direct contact with the raccoon is avoided when conducting our humane pest removal procedures.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels have always caused trouble or harm to your home as they may chew their way into your roof vents or rooflines to find a spot to create a nest. Our squirrel removal services can take care of any type of squirrel including red, black, gray, and flying squirrels. Our professional technicians can help find the area where the squirrel entered the home from and assess the amount of damage that the squirrel may have caused. The team at Proven Wildlife Removal Inc. can solve any squirrel problem for you today.

Skunk Control in Collingwood

Is there a skunk walking around your home? We believe that you will benefit from our humane skunk removal services. We have been humanely evicting skunks for many years, and have the knowledge to know where they could hide or run to next. We however know to get in direct contact with a skunk especially when it gets frightened. With our humane skunk removal services will evict the wild animal and provide it with a new nest.

Bird Removal Services

Sometimes, birds may hide inside your soffits or fan vents from your kitchen or bathroom to create the perfect nesting spot. We know that a bird will reuse the nest area during the spring and early summer, and we can humanely do remove the nest so that it won't do more harm to your home. Contact your bird removal specialist if you do see a bird making a nest in your home.

Bat Removal in Collingwood

Bats often hide in homes, cottages or businesses to hide from the sun as they are nocturnal animals. They often fly in colonies and there is only one legal way to safely remove the bats from the area. Our humane bat removal services are accurate and precise when removing a large bat colony. Especially when mid summer is when bats usually have babies as the insects become easier to find.